Indonesian batik was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on Oct. 2, 2009. Batik preservation efforts have involved various stakeholders from private entities, the government and academia.

In a growing demand and interest on Batik, local artisants in Malang are creating new workshop place to discover the pattern of Malang city. Same like in other part of Java (and Bali), all Batik pattern are influenced from cultural,nature, and historical background. The pattern background also related with the colour uses, from grounded colour using organic ingredients until colourful motif inspired by local flowers and plants (tropical lotus, coffee beans, and many other shapes).

Collaborating with local organic batik workshop, our team working together with “Batik Organik Malang” to provide short course for visitors who wants to experience some artsy time during a day off in Malang. Course will include activity from pattern drawing, canting applying wax on the fabric, and colouring process on the fabric (dye). Visitors may need to book in advanced as space is limited, and visitor can expect a half day time spent in the workshop place.

The wet fabric will be dried while visitors can enjoy the rest of afternoon exploring Malang city, and fabric will be delivered the day after back to visitor hotel.

Batik Organik Malang as small-medium-enterprise are also invited by Hermes internationally as part of their vendor to provide exclusive souvenirs such as scarf or batik fabric for their exclusive members.

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