Whenever you feel so low and has so much stress in your mind, the great way to be freed from all of that is going back to nature. Yes, the answer is having outdoor vacation or adventure. Where? You can try Malang. Malang is one of big cities in East Java, Indonesia. This city is well-known as the flower city and its super fanatic soccer supporter. However, that’s not everything you can get in the city where the locals love to reverse the word when they speak each other.  This city is also the great place where you can find, not only one, but two beautiful waterfalls. You can visit them by renting or booking motorbike tour, and get one day of those great adventure in your life.

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Its name means Thousand Flows. And, maybe this is the name to describe how many waterfalls in the area. Actually, in this area you won’t only find Tumpak Sewu waterfall, but also a connecting path to reach Goa Tetes waterfall . Each of them is big and gorges-type waterfall. And you will experience surrounded with waterfall once you reach the base. So, are you ready to go here? If you do, you need to prepare your body and health, because you need to conquer long ride to reach this paradise. Yes, this Malang waterfall takes 3 hours car or motorbike ride, and you need to trek down with wet bamboo stairs to reach the base. There is no easy way to do there, unless you only want to take the picture from above. You need to walk or trekking and hiking in some part down though the steps. This is great place to catch some breath, but you need to go before dark. Once you arrive at the Sumber Pitu waterfall, you will find that most of cliffs are covered by mold and greens. It feels like you are entering the prehistoric era in this place. Make sure to trek until Goa Tetes waterfall if you still have enough time.

Coban Tundo

The great thing about this waterfall is its low popularity. It hasn’t well-known like other waterfall, therefore you can really be freed and avoid crowd here. This waterfall is located in Sumbermanjing Wetan. You can go to the nearest car park from Malang City by car for about 3 hours. Now, you need to get ready because you need to hike and trekking for almost an hour. It take lot of physical strength, however once you arrive, you will know that your hour trip is worth to do. There is there waterfall in the area. The rocky cliff around it makes it looks like hidden place surrounded by high wall. And, there is also waterfall pool where you can swim around. It has 7-meters or around 23 feet deep. So, just be careful, if you can’t swim. Once you finished the adventure, you can visit village of Tambaksari. They plant coffee beans, so you also have a chance to enjoy fresh coffee here. The main thing to be noted, is that jumping from the cliff into the waterfall pond is prohibited as many cases of accidents happened before. Dip on the pond side and be a wise traveler. Now, are you ready to Visit Malang and enjoy these two beautiful nature masterpieces?

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