April 2017

How to Plan Your Visit to Mount Bromo

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Bromo is a mountain near Malang, East Java, which becomes one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. Mount Bromo is located in the northern part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, where Mount Semeru, another famous mountain in the south and the highest mountain on the island of Java, also belongs to. Despite being an active volcano that has erupted at least four times since the beginning of this millennium, Mount Bromo is still considered an attractive destination due to the majestic scenery of the Sea of Sand that surrounds it. If you plan to visit Bromo, make sure that you plan your trip properly. Here are three important factors to mind if you want to make a plan to visit Mount Bromo.





1. The best time to visit

Dry season is the best time to visit Mount Bromo because of two reasons. First, wet road and hiking track will definitely limit your movement when you climb the mount, so rainy season is never a fun time to climb the mount. Second, although the beautiful scenery of the Sea of Sand can be viewed even during the rainy season, the unique scenery of the golden sunrise cannot be viewed from Mount Penanjakan viewpoint if the weather is bad. Climate change is rather erratic nowadays due to the effect of global warming, so you need to monitor weather forecast regularly to find out the right time to visit Bromo.

2. Transportation

There are two kinds of transportation that you choose from if you want to reach Mount Bromo and especially to enjoy the majestic Bromo sunrise. The more convenient one is using a jeep, which you can rent for about $100 per day including driver. If you decide to rent a jeep, the driver will pick you at your hotel at midnight so that you can enjoy Bromo’s golden sunrise at the right moment. The second option is using motorcycle, which is more budget-friendly to rent and you only need to spend about $10 (not including gas) to be able to use the motorcycle for a whole day visit to Bromo. But meantime, using motorcycle to reach Mount Penanjakan view point might not be the best decision regarding the road access upon hills.

3. Accommodation

Accommodation is an important matter, especially if you want to reach Mount Bromo in the morning. You need a comfortable place to rest for the night before you enjoy the sunrise. There are a number of factors that dictate the best accommodation for you. The first is transportation. If you decide to use a jeep, you can stay in any hotels in Malang before the driver picks you up at midnight. If you decide to use a motorcycle, it will be better if you choose a hotel near Mount Bromo so that you don’t have to take on too long journey. The second is budget. Backpackers definitely prefer staying at a cheap hotel. In Malang, hotels with room starting from $6 per night are many, so it should not be difficult for you to find a budget-friendly hotel.